We offer different kinds of courses:

Courses from 2 to max. 5 persons per Kiteinstructor

Try out 2 Hours Euro 60,00  
Basic I 3 Hours Euro 95,00 4 Hours Euro 110,00
Basic II 6 Hours Euro 180,00 7 Hours Euro 195,00
Basic III 9 Hours Euro 250,00  
Privathour 1 Hour Euro 55,00  
Rental (Kite & Trapez) 1 Day Euro 60,00  
Insurence 1 Day Euro 20,00  

Kite and harness are included in all courses and privat lessons.

Warm winter clothes, gloves, caps and snowboard or skiers, you have to bring with yourself.

There is also a theoretical lesson.
Safty, kitespots, wind and weather.

For your own safty wear a helmet.

You can rent one also.